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i75393637._szw1280h1280_      i75395248__szw1280h1280_      sunset1-208x300     USA-1-209x300

i77206571__szw1280h1280_    Jeesus_edited-1-205x300     Super-Sprayer-Black-and-White-208x300      Pyramid-BW-210x300

20140110_140637  20140110_140713  pyramids

city              20140110_141327          pyramids

Galaxy-Black-and-White-300x202      spiral-galaxy_edited-1-300x208     City-bw-300x208

Little-space-city-209x300     i75395311__szw1280h1280_     Distant planet     Kalat

 20140205_163631    20150702_162948      Sunset3(1)

mayan pyramid 2     mayan pyramid3       Mayan Temple 1

Egypt     20140520_215614     Tree(1)

Colosseum blue    Colosseum(1)    20150702_162956

Spiral galaxy(1)       Taj Mahal falls       Taj Mahal beach(1)

 Keijukainen toka(3)     Natureeee    20150216_143139


If the painting you want is sold out, I will recreate it all new and fresh for you, but some minor differences might occur. Also if you have any wishes or request (colors so on), please let me know and I try to create the kind of painting you want. You can order painting with frames or without frames, poster board or canvas painting. With frames there will be some extra cost. Contact me for futher information.

























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